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Setareh Association is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2022 by Azadeh Jassemi and Antimo Di Donato. “Setareh” is the Persian word for “star” and it has the same root as in English: SeTAReh. 

Setareh is the name of the spirit baby whom Azadeh and Antimo had to let go in love back in 2020 and who they would like to welcome again in their life. The association is both a result of the grief process for their unborn children between 2019 and 2021 as well as a promissory offering (“Ahd” in Persian) in the hope of being reunited with Setareh in their lives. 

Our mission: Empower people's lives and relationships to their full potential. 

Who we are: Who We Are


Azadeh and Antimo are married and live together in the Zurich area, Switzerland.

They are both certified coaches, Imago facilitators and work in the areas of personal and leadership development.

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Personal Coaching and Consulting, Systemic Value-Orientated and Solution Focused Approach.
Support with Relationships, Conflict Resolution and Mediation.
Personal and Professional Development.

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Leadership and Cultural Transformation
Personal and Professional Coaching

Who we are: Meet the Team


We want to thank all the people that supported and inspired us. In particular:

  • Our parents, for role modeling what it  means a lifetime of commitment in a couple

  • All our friends who gave birth to their children in the last years, for giving us joy and hope

  • Our teacher S.N. Goenka who taught us Vipassana meditation and equanimity through difficulties (the association was born during our first meditation retreat together)

  • Our friend Alice, for her dedication to support autistic children and young adults with her Ippocampo association

  • Our friends Mansi and Kinny, for their courage and dedication to raise their son Kabir

  • Silvano, Pina and Mauro Brandi, who set up Associazione Luca Brandi Onlus in memory of their son

  • Our friends Amanda and Hunter Benedict, for their dedication to their daughter Bronte and their support to the Lighthouse organization

  • Our sister Association of Iranian Human Rights and Allies, supporting Iranian human rights

Who we are: About Us
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